Music & Web

UI Engineer
CTO @ Adalab
Music producer @ QTZL

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My name is Gorka

When the sun goes down, I compose music under my name
and produce artists through my label, Q T Z L

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My name is Gorka Molero

While the sun is up, I work as CTO of a small beautiful NGO called Adalab.
I make websites and webapps using top-notch tech, such as React, Firebase, Vue, Gatsby & Squarespace
I am very much into design systems & am getting obsessed with no-code tools.

Check out my resume

Here are some recent projects...



Stack → React, Firebase & Zapier
Beautiful little calendar app for medical doctors
Code @ GitHub


EmMa (EMployment MAtcher)

Stack → React, Firebase & NoCode tools
A tool for candidates looking for opportunities
and companies looking for great talent

Code & demo upon request

Nicola Cruz

Nicola Cruz's flaming new site

Stack → GatsbyJS & Contentful
Code @ gitlab


QTZL's Netlabel

Stack → WIP: Gatsby & Airtable
Code @ GitHub